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EmPower U Membership

We hate being told what to do and we bet you do too! Take the guess work out of healthcare coverage and sign up for an EmPower U Membership where you can receive high-quality naturopathic medical care for a fraction of the cost. Members get exclusive access to Dr. Emma via a 24-7 phone line, email channel, and patient portal as well as hassle free scheduling, and most importantly appointments without co-pays or hidden fees.

Healthcare As Easy As 1, 2, 3...


Pick Your Plan

EmPower U Members can choose from 3 different tiers of membership based on their personal healthcare needs, cost, and how often they want to see their doc. Plans start for as low as $25 per month (with a one time annual enrollment fee).


Pay and Schedule

After you sign up for a plan below, you will be contacted by Dr. Emma's support staff to pay your one-time annual enrollment fee and schedule your hour long initial appointment with Dr. Emma to complete any preventive care and exam needs!


See Your Doctor

Once you have completed the first two steps, you are free to schedule appointments with Dr. Emma as often as you need based on the plan you selected. No hidden fees, extra fees, or hassles with insurance coverage. We take away the headache!