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Health Consult: Return Client

Continue to improve your health with a check-in with Dr. Emma

  • 30 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • Riverwest Acupuncture|Zenbrio House Eugene|Online Location Only

Service Description

Continue on the journey to EmPower your health with a 30-minute health and wellness consultation with Dr. Emma. These consultations are perfect for clients who reside outside of the state of Oregon and cannot establish primary or naturopathic care using their insurance. Health consults with Dr. Emma are completely virtual and allow you to connect with a licensed, board-certified naturopathic physician from your own living room, a beach, or while on vacation. After reviewing your previous recommendations, Dr. Emma will check in on previously established health and wellness goals as well as reset goals as needed to optimize your health and prevent disease or dysfunction. Important! These consults cannot replace primary care or medical services, but are perfect for clients who reside out of Oregon or internationally and are looking for a doctor to hear their story, help prevent disease, and use the tenants of naturopathic medicine to guide healing. Why book a follow up session? It takes more than 1-hour to revamp and restore your health and wellness. Healing the body takes time. You get all of the benefits of naturopathic medicine including treatment modalities like herbal medicine, nutrient supplementation, nutrition optimization, UNDA drainage therapy and other energetic medicines, and exercise prescription without having to worry about insurance, delays, or stuffy medical offices. Common health and wellness goals that Dr. Emma supports her clients with include athlete and sports optimization, weight loss or management, woman's health (like fertility or painful periods), energy optimization, mental health, gut health and healing, and so much more. Get started EmPowering your health today with a consult. Appointments fill up quickly.

Cancellation Policy

You are free to cancel or reschedule your session up to 24 hrs in advance. Any later than 24 hrs and you will be charged a fee up to the cost of the service. If you have an emergency arise and are unable to attend your session, please contact Dr. Emma directly for assistance via email or phone, 971-284-0497.

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