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Who we are...

EmPower U Health and Wellness LLC

is a health education company that offers integrative medical services including naturopathic medicine to optimize clients’ health. We do this through health education to promote behavior change and healthy living via adjunctive care, health coaching, health education courses, nutrition counseling, and personal training.


Using a research and education-based approach, our te promote the six tenants of naturopathic medicine and aim to teach healthcare providers and clients to pass along these tools to others, promoting health education and expanding high quality healthcare access to all.

Check out our mission, vision, and values to learn more about why we do what we do.

Mission: Provide health education to promote behavior change, healthy living, and integrative medicine.

Vision: Healthier, happier world full of passionate EmPowered health practitioners and clients.

Values: EmPower. Educate. Inspire.

Our History


EmPower U Health and Wellness LLC was created by Dr. Emma Neiworth Petshow, ND, CPT a board-certified and licensed naturopathic physician and ACSM certified personal trainer. Dr. Emma started working in public health prior to her career in medicine and was moved by the health inequities that she saw amongst clients seeking services. She pursued a career in naturopathic medicine to provide integrative healthcare to patients.


Dr. Emma's passion with integrative medicine started young when her father was diagnosed with cancer while Dr. Emma was growing up and was cured through both traditional and adjunctive therapies. This melding of healthcare disciplines inspired Dr. Emma to provide similar care for her patients and clients, but she saw a gap in the traditional healthcare system. While working as a family medicine physician in Oregon, Dr. Emma saw first-hand the health disparities and challenges in her patients to receive adequate diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care. She knew that there had to be a better way, which is where the idea behind EmPower U Health and Wellness LLC was born.


By combining her knowledge of naturopathic and integrative medicine with her passion and expertise in education, Dr. Emma started this health education company to not only serve her patients, but also help train the healthcare workforce in non-biased, integrative medicine to prevent (as well as treat) disease and dysfunction. Through this company, Dr. Emma hopes to create a team of EmPowered healthcare providers and clients/patients that can share and teach healthy lifestyle habits to others.


A positive, integrative, health movement.


Through her vision, she has expanded the company from electronic health promotion through social media and a blog to a medical practice, personal training, nutrition counseling, international health consultations, health education courses, provider continuing education, and a textbook on integrative primary care coming soon. Dr. Emma believes there truly is no problem too big for us to tackle if we tackle it together.

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