Health and Wellness Services

At EmPower U Health and Wellness, we strive to satisfy all our clients’ needs by providing them with comprehensive and high quality services. 


We offer health consultations for clients who do not reside in the state of Oregon, which include many of the same modalities that Dr. Emma uses in her integrative medicine appointments, but aimed at optimizing health versus treatment of disease or dysfunction. These health consults are ideal for clients who reside out of the state or Oregon or are living internationally and are looking for an adjunctive health care provider or health coach to improve their overall wellness, prevent disease, and use the tenants of naturopathic medicine as a guide to healing. We also offer nutrition counseling and personal training with a specific focus on athletes as well as weight loss or weight optimization.

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Health Consults

Health starts here

Our trained health experts, under the guidance of Dr. Emma, will answer your health questions and support your health needs to create a customized wellness plan. They combine the science of medicine with the tradition of naturopathy.