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Nutrient Highlight - Magnesium

Today I am highlighting magnesium and its sources.

Magnesium is a mineral and it is found in lots of foods. Some listed here include nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds. Fruits and veggies such as avocado, banana, and spinach. As well as other foods like black beans, buckwheat, and even (my fave) dark chocolate!


When I am supplementing with magnesium, I aim to get my DV (daily value) and then some extra. Add some magnesium rich foods to your diet to boost your body's ability to function in day-to-day life. Don't believe me.. you should! It is an essential nutrient for many biochemical reactions.

Magnesium has many uses in the body. It is used by a cofactor (helping molecule) in many chemical reactions that use enzymes to help the body's systems run as they should.

Some other health benefits of magnesium include stress reduction, decreased muscle cramps, improvement in digestion, decreased headaches, lower pulse and blood pressure, and better sleep. Now be warned.. there are different types of magnesium that you can supplement with and not all are like the others. Always check with your doctor prior to starting ANY health regimen or supplement.

While you can supplement with magnesium (my favorite form of supplementation is powder form); by far the best way to boost your magnesium levels naturally is through food.

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